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A way of saving money that works with your ADHD brain, not against it.

Rule is an app designed to curb impulse spending, keep you accountable, and help you grow your savings.

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Photo of Alice Rule helped me clear over £5,000 of debt and start saving for the first time ever! Naomi, Manchester

ADHD & Saving Money

The "ADHD Tax" costs £1,600/yr on average. The symptoms of ADHD present themselves in challenging ways when it comes to saving money.


Ever find yourself hyper-fixating on a new hobby and buying all the odds and ends for it? Or getting home after a long day at work and ordering a takeaway while the fresh groceries in the fridge dwindle past their use by date?

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Challenges & Rewards

Instead of budgeting we set you a series of challenges dynamically generated for your personal situation. Co-operate with your Support Squad, earn XP, and celebrate your wins.

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Set yourself a simple rule like "2 takeaways per month". Link your bank account to get notified when you're about to go over budget.

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Shopping Cooldowns

When you want to buy something right now, wait for 24h and see if you still feel like buying it. Odds are you won't!


Do you find yourself wasting money on the things you want before you've checked you have enough money left to cover the things you need? Have you ever bought something, misplaced it, and had to rebuy it?

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Insights & Comparison

Get a breakdown of your spending by category to discover where your biggest habits lie, and see how you stack up compared to other users.

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Organise your statement into needs vs wants daily instead of trying to create a budget.


Do you keep putting off cancelling Netflix? Have you missed out on a better deal on your car insurance? Have you ever been charged a late fee on a library book?

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Body Doubling

A weekly videocall where we work together to complete admin tasks, like renewing car insurance or creating a monthly budget.

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Bill Tracker

Automatically identify recurring bills and prompts you to cancel the ones you no longer need.

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Saving Insights

Link your saving accounts and track how much money you save via Rule.

Frequently asked questions

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  • How does it work?

    The app uses Open Banking to import the transactions from your bank account(s).

  • How secure is Open Banking?

    Very secure! We are partnered with Truelayer, the largest Open Banking provider in Europe. It is totally safe and secure.

  • Can Rule make payments from my account?

    No, we are only authorised to analyse your data and show it to you. You can revoke access to your bank account at any time, either through our app or your bank's.

Try it for free while in beta

Photo of Alice Rule helped me clear over £5,000 of debt and start saving for the first time ever! Naomi, Manchester